Organization Tips for Every Room in Your House

Many people like the idea of living a simpler lifestyle, but are overwhelmed by all of their stuff. In addition to creating more clutter, our ‘stuff’ prevents us from finding what we need when we need it, which adds stress to our days. Here are our top tips to organize the main three rooms in your home.

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The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it tends to collect the most clutter from other parts of the house. Start clearing one area of the kitchen at a time, beginning with storage spaces, including the pantry, cupboards and drawers. In the pantry: Throw away stale or expired items and donate canned goods that you know will go uneaten but are still edible.

• In the cupboards: Remove chipped dishware, as well as utensils, pots, pans and bakeware that are damaged beyond repair.

• Keep the kitchen clutter-free: Put items where they belong and leave a small bin to collect items that don’t belong there.

Living room

Too much clutter makes it difficult to relax. The mantra for this room is, “A place for everything; everything in its place.”

• Create easily-accessible, permanent storage space for items you use most often, such as the remote control.

• Fold throws and place in a decorative basket within reach of the sofa.

• Sort through your electronics to determine what works and if you still use it. Store your frequently used electronics where you tend to use them.

• Recycle back issues of magazines and newspapers you’ve already read. Donate books you don’t want to keep and categorize the others in your library.


In the bedroom, clutter seems to center around storage areas, such as closets, drawers and nightstands.


Clear out dressers, wardrobes and closets by removing non-seasonal clothing you haven’t worn in more than six months and items that no longer fit. Sell or donate pieces that are still in good condition.

Organize your drawers by function: undergarments, active-wear, t-shirts, etc.

Depending on your bedroom, purchase a hanging storage unit or floor shelf for shoes.

Separate anything that should go to the cleaner or a tailor.

Remove everything from the nightstand and place items that belong elsewhere.

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