Why Forbes Says Sacramento is One of the Best Places to Buy a Home

sac housing market.png

You’ve probably heard the following about the Sacramento market….

  • Interest rates are rising
  • Inventory is tightening
  • Housing prices are on the rise

While this information is true, it paints a pretty negative picture for buyers... don’t you think? This isn’t an accurate perception. Sacramento was just ranked by Forbes #11 out of the 20 best markets to invest in housing. The Sacramento real estate market is balanced compared to many other California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, meaning when you compare the average home prices in our area to the average income levels, housing remains affordable in most cases.

With interest rates and housing prices on the rise, it may not stay this way for very long. However, I predict the market will remain steady and booming for the rest of the year and into the first part of 2018.

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