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Sacramento Fun Facts


Test your knowledge of Sacramento. Here are a few fun facts, including some things you may not have known about Sactown.

A top place to invest in real estate

Forbes rated Sacramento as the 11th best place to invest in housing (2017).

City of Trees

Sacramento is second only to Paris, France, in number of trees per capita in the world. 


People love to give Sacramento nicknames. It is affectionately called "The City of Trees" and "The River City." Natives usually refer to it as "Sactown."  

Haunted City

Sacramento is one America's "haunted" cities. Some of the famously haunted locations include the Governor's Mansion and the California State Library. 

2 Cities in one

Sacramento features an extensive network of tunnels beneath the city's foundations, built during the raising of the city to avoid flooding. 

Blue Diamond

Sacramento has more almonds than anyone else in the world. Blue Diamond has its headquarters here, bringing in millions of pounds of almonds to the market each year. 

The Rest is History

Sacramento is California's sixth capital since 1854. Other capitals include Monterey, Vallejo, Benicia and San Jose. 

Sacramento was the birthplace of the Pony Express, the 1,980-mile mail delivery service that began in 1860. It traveled from Sacramento to St. Joseph, Missouri. 

The Sacramento Zoo is a historical treasure that's been around since 1927. 

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