Travel Less Like a Tourist, More Like a Local

It's cool to catch the major tourist spots while you're on vacation but take some time to also do it like a local. Get a more authentic experience and a deeper appreciation for the culture in your destination when you follow these tips.

Learn the customs before you go.

If the place you visit is weird about smiling, you'll want to know that before you start grinning at folks on the street. Or if you are traveling abroad to a country that does not use their left hand at the dinner table, remember to honor the customs of the region that you are traveling to! Respect and safety are number one for you and your family.

Talk to the locals.

Strike up a conversation in a restaurant, pub or coffee shop. Find out their favorite spots and activities and explore! If you are using a taxi or rideshare to get around, ask your driver for their advice and suggestions.


Dress the part.

You don't need to go all out but keep your couture relatively similar to the norm of the city. Many historical landmarks and religious sites have strict dress codes, so make sure you research the rules before you attempt to enter with your fashionable summer attire!

Use a small notebook as your guide.

Write down spots to visit and relevant addresses or directions and check it when necessary. It's way more discreet than a traditional guidebook or map.


Check social media for hot spots.

By searching for your city's tagged locations on Instagram and Facebook, you can find what the expats or local lifestyle bloggers are up to and add it to your itinerary. There are many different travel vloggers on YouTube that have spent time researching safe and fun areas so that you don’t have to.

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